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The Benefits of Stimulating Natural Human Growth Hormone Release

What is Human Growth Hormone?
Human Growth Hormone (Hgh) is a protein hormone of 191 amino acids that is synthesized and secreted by cells called somatrophs in the anterior pituitary gland. Human Growth Hormone is like estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, melotonin or DHEA - one of many endocrine hormones that decline with age.
Totally unique to Human Growth Hormone is the fact that even though its secretion declines with age, the body still produces the same amount of hgh as someone in their 20's. The problem lies in releasing human growth hormone from the aging pituitary cells.Gradually Human Growth Hormone secretion diminishes with age. Starting in the 20's, Hgh hormone secretion declines about 14% a decade, by 60 you only secrete 25% as much Hgh as the average 20 year old. This human growth hormone reduction, greatly contributes to the acceleration of the aging process.

Key Benefits from increased Hgh Levels are simply outstanding!

As science has proven in numerous studies the decline in the release of human growth hormone is directly related to the symptoms of aging. Greying hair, decreased sexual performance, wrinkled skin, reduced muscle tone, increase in bodyfat all are related to the reduction of key hormones in the human body.

What if we could hold back the hands of time by naturally stimulating our own bodies HGH production?
The answer is....we can and here are some of the key benefits.

  • Increase lean muscle while reducing bodyfat
  • Reduce bodyfat by 15% without exercise!
  • Slow down and reverse the aging process.
  • Improve skin texture/tightness
  • Reduce wrinkles and damaged skin
  • Increase sexual performance/endurance
  • Stronger muscles
  • Eliminate cellulite from thighs and glutes
  • Tone flabby muscles
  • Boost poor immune system/protect against illness
  • Improve and increase bone density
  • Accelerate healing of wounds
  • Improve memory and alertness
  • Improved vision
  • Improved Sleep
  • Reduced cholesterol
  • Enhance overall feeling of well-being (Look great & feel great)

Restore Youthful Skin Elasticity
Increasing HGH levels is the only anti-aging treatment known that actually makes people look younger!" (Ronald M Klatz M.D. "Ten Weeks To A Younger You") As we age, our skin becomes thinner and loses its firm texture and elasticity. In the world-renowned study by Doctor Daniel Rudman, after increasing hgh levels, elderly men had an increase of skin thickness of 7.1% on average. A further self evaluation of 202 people taking HGH for six months showed that two thirds reported improvement in skin texture, skin thickness, and skin elasticity. Of this same group, 61% observed fewer wrinkles and 38% reported healthier hair. Patients usually started noticing changes within a few weeks of treatment. Fine lines appeared to vanish, deeper wrinkles receded, and facial fat decreased so that puffs of fat under the eyes evaporated, while the facial muscles that lift and hold the skin became stronger. Another result is the elimination, over a period of time of Cellulite.
HGH also increases the synthesis of new proteins that lie underneath skin structure. In animal experiments, it increased the strength and collagen content of the skin. Collagen and elastin are the underlying foundation of the epidermis. HGH restored the turgor, or bounciness, that is characteristic of young skin, so the skin bounced back more readily on a pinch test and became better toned, and sagged less*.
* "Hormone Deficiency in Adulthood and the Effects of" Growth Hormone Replacement: A Review, Journal Of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, 83(2),p382

Weight Loss and Body Fat
Thousands of Doctors and Health Care professionals consider HGH supplementation to be one of the most effective weight and body fat methods. There have been numerous clinical trials that have shown HGH supplementation to be a remarkable approach to weight loss. Another interesting finding about HGH supplementation and weight loss is that in many of these clinical trials, the loss of deep abdominal fat was pronounced. Deep abdominal fat is extremely hard to lose, and is often associated with an increased risk of heart attack. This Is Not Instant Gratification-You Must Be Patient The reductions in our human growth hormone levels occur over many years. Human Growth Hormone supplementation helps to restore lost HGH levels, but it does so gradually. This is not a method whereby you begin to lose weight and body fat the day or the week you begin. It can take several weeks for supplements to increase your human growth hormone levels to the point where benefits, such as weight and body fat loss begin. Most of us have all experienced our share of diets, both good and bad. HGH supplementation is not a diet. If you just eat sensibly and try to get some regular cardio exercise, you can lose weight and body fat permanently!

Mood Enhancement/Elevation
Human Growth Hormone may just be one of the most powerful, natural antidepressants available.There is ample evidence that increasing one's levels of HGH helps to elevate mood and reduce stress and anxiety. Higher HGH levels increase levels of the neurotransmitter B-endorphin, and tends to lower dopamine levels. There are even studies that suggest that elevated levels of HGH will improve one's self-esteem and overall foster a positive outlook. Last, but certainly not least, is that other studies suggest that higher levels of HGH will help to improve short-term memory function. A clinical study by Theirry Hertoghe, M. D. showed that by maintaining youthful levels of HGH it decreased depression by 82% and anxiety and low self-esteem by over 70%.

Immune System Functions
"At puberty, our Immune system functions at its peak." Many Doctors now recognize that helping the body increase HGH to youthful levels, goes a long way towards maintaining a healthy immune system.Studies by Keith Kelley, MD and others, have shown that by replenishing our levels of HGH, our Immune System activities such as: the manufacture of new antibodies, increased production of T-cells and Interleukin2, proliferation and activity of white blood cells, stimulation of macrophages, increased maturation of neutrophils, increased erythropoiesis, and the production of new red blood cells, all increase and intensify."
A healthy immune system is, perhaps, the most important benefit that youthful levels of HGH may offer!
*Excerpts From "Ten Weeks To A Younger You" By Ronald Klatz M.D.

Blood Pressure And HGH Supplementation
Maintaining Youthful levels of HGH can improve cardiac and lung function. Two functions that can help maintain healthy blood pressure.
Studies by Dr. Daniel Rudman* and others have showed that increasing HGH levels reduced diastolic blood pressure by about 10% without change to systolic pressure. (Not intended to prevent or treat hypertension) Another way that HGH supplementation helps to bring blood pressure into normal ranges is exercise. When we increase our HGH levels, we experience more energy and endurance. This increase in energy and endurance enables us to either begin, or increase our cardio exercise programs. *Daniel Rudman, M.D. "Growth Hormone Deficiency in Adulthood and the Effects of Growth Hormone Replacement: A Review" Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, 83 (2),p.382.

Energy And Endurance
One of the most important benefits of Increasing HGH levels is the increase energy and endurance levels people experience. It is this increase in energy and endurance that can lead to improved levels of sports and exercise performance. Youthful levels of HGH will not, in of itself, increase your skill levels, but the resulting increase in energy and endurance, will enable you to work longer and harder to develop those skills in your chosen sport or physical fitness routine. A well know study by Dr. Thierry Hertoghe, M.D. in adults receiving Growth Hormone injections, indicated that fatigue decreased or disappeared in 86.8% of the trial participants. And that recovery time from fatigue improved by 86%. Thierry Hertoghe, M.D. academie de Medicine Generale de Belgique, Frequency of improvement of psychological symptoms in 48-person study administered two months of HGH treatment. Dr. L. Cass Terr, M.D., PhD Chairman and Professor of Neurology at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee conducted a large study of 900 people. 84% reported higher energy levels and exercise endurance. Daniel Rudman's famous study indicated that there was a significantly higher energy level and increased exercise performance in all study patients that increased their levels of HGH.Dr. Daniel Rudman, M.D., "Growth Hormone Deficiency in Adulthood and the Effects of Growth Hormone Replacement: A Review," Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, 83(2),p.382.

Menopause And Youthful Levels of HGH

Helping the body to restore youthful levels of HGH is a wonderful option for women that are pre, post, or menopausal. As women enter menopause their hormonal balance becomes dislocated. Some hormone levels become elevated, and others are at lower than normal. Human Growth Hormone is thought to be a "master hormone," in that it helps to regulate other hormone levels in the body.

Increased HGH Levels Improves The Quality Of Sleep
There are many studies that support the fact that the replenishment of HGH levels to those of our youth, promote a higher quality of sleep. Do you remember how well you slept when you were young? By helping to raise your body's levels of HGH to its youthful levels, you can help bring back those nights when you could sleep through the loudest thunderstorms.

Cardiac And Pulmonary Function
Recent studies suggest that increasing one's human growth hormone levels will help to improve cardiac function. The associated increases in energy and endurance may also lead to improvements in pulmonary functions. A study by Dr. David Clemmons, Chief of Endocrinology at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine, Chapel Hill, indicated that increased HGH levels in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease significantly raised maximum inspiratory force increase patient's ability to exercise D.R. Clemmons, L. Underwood, Growth Hormone as a Potential Adjunctive Therapy for Weight Loss. In: Underwood, L.E. (ed) Human Growth Hormone: Progresses and Challenges. Marcel Dekker, Inc.

Increasing HGH Levels Helps Build Muscle Mass, Strength Conditioning, And Reduces Body Fat
Today health and fitness minded people are discovering the benefits of increasing their levels of Human Growth Hormone.
Studies at the University of New Mexico indicated that young adults, already in good shape, gained and average of three pounds of muscle and lost 1.5% of their body fat in six weeks. Their overall ratio of muscle to fat improved by 25% on average. In Daniel Rudman's July 1990 landmark study, he found that by increasing levels of human growth hormone patients in his clinical trials increased lean body mass 8.8%. In a six month placebo controlled study at the Thomas Hospital in London, England the study group gained an average of 12.1 pounds of lean body mass.

More Energy And Endurance = Better Workouts
Another way that increased HGH levels help to build lean muscle mass and increase strength is through more energy and endurance. If you gain energy and endurance due to higher levels of HGH, your workouts can be more intense and more productive. That equals increased muscle mass and strength.
Do You Remember The Energy And Endurance Of Your Youth? Remember when you were a teenager and could run and play all day and never get tired? Remember how you never gained weight no matter how many milk shakes you drank? Remember how late you were able to stay up at parties and never get tired? Remember how smooth your skin was? Today, doctors and health care professionals worldwide believe there is direct correlation between the aging process and the gradual decline of our human growth hormone production. The gradual loss of energy, endurance, and all of the other conditions we normally associate with the aging process, may be a result in the ever decreasing human growth hormone levels we experience as we grow older.

Help Maintain Healthy Cholesterol Levels
Increasing levels of HGH in your system can help maintain cholesterol levels in individuals that are already within the normal range. Additionally it may help maintain and support general cardiac function. Dr. Daniel Redman's landmark study of the effects of Growth Hormone Replacement showed that there were significant improvements in cholesterol profile: higher HDL, lower LDL in patients with increased levels of HGH. -Dr. Daniel Rudman, "Effects of Human Growth Hormone in Men Over 60 Years Old" New England Journal of Medicine 1990;323:1-6
A major, double-blind study in Sweden in 1997 by Johannsson, Bengtson, and colleagues at Salgrenska University Hospital, of 30 men between the ages of 48 to 66 years old showed significant improvement in total cholesterol and triglycerides, decreased LDL cholesterol and increased HDL cholesterol. -Johannsson, G., et al. "Growth Hormone Treatment of Abdominally Obese Men Reduces Abdominal Fat Mass, Improves Glucose and Lipoprotein Metabolism and Reduces Diastolic Blood Pressure." Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism 82 (1997):727-34

Note: Most people will notice benefits within the first 2 weeks of using HGh- formulation, however the results will become ongoing with the continued use of the product. Most people notice significant results by the end of a 12 week period and with continued use over a six month period drastic changes in body shape and tone.No doubt the benefits are amplified when the product is combined with a moderate to high protein diet/low carbs low fat nutrition program and a sensible exercise plan.

Human Growth Hormone for enhancing libido!

L-ARGININE is an essential amino acid necessary for the formation of nitric oxide, the body's key signaling molecule for starting and maintaining an erection. Your sexual performance is controlled by various key hormones, one of these being HGH. Why not give your libido a little helping hand!Your partner will thank you for it!

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Feeling good on human growth hormone!

The benefits of increased Hgh levels are far reaching, however most of us tend to look one of the most important benefits and it is the most simple one this is just feeling good and having optimum energy & well being. When we feel good it reflects on all aspects of our lives and we generally are more productive in our work or profession, we laugh and smile alot more and we have a enjoyable sex-life with our partner.
If there is one benefit that stands alone as a good enough reason to increase natural Hgh levels this is it.

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Note: Hgh Formulation is not a sole source of nutrition and should be consumed in conjunction with a nutritious diet and an appropriate physical training or exercise program. Drink 8 glasses
of water per day when using food supplements. Not suitable for children under 15 years of age or pregnant women. Should only be used under medical or dietetic supervision.

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